One of the most common mistakes most business owners make is to backup and protect all of the company information. Prior to new innovative technology, business owners would have everything printed and stored in paper or stored on floppy disk, but as we move forward to paperless it is very important owners take the time to backup and protect their company's critical data!
Do you need a new backup solution or just need to update or upgrade the storage for an existing backup system? We provide customized backup solutions that give you a complete backup of your data for servers and computer workstations
Backup to a cloud service or backup to your external backup FTP server
Data backup for each user on a network
Automated backup software for data transfer onto hard drives
Implementation of redundant servers that backup daily, even offsite!
Advice on what backup systems would suit your company best
Regular monitoring backup systems to assure data backups are preserved
Backup system alerts; offering notifications for backup management
System restore point management so your business can resume immediately
Synology backup solutions